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All about this course: Our Suicide Awareness course is suitable for anyone wanting a greater understanding of suicide and how to support someone who has experienced suicidal ideation or is the survivor of bereavement by suicide. You will consider that suicide ideation is a common condition often caused by traumatic experiences that law enforcement officers & first responders experience in their careers. This course has been developed after 11 years of being a qualified counsellor and treating law enforcement officers & first responders, it is accredited by the CPDSO and gives 5.5 hours of accredited Continuing Professional Development. Module One: Law Enforcement Officers & First Responders in Crisis Module Two: It's Time to Talk Module Three: Know the Signs & Symptoms of Suicide Ideation Module Four: Accessing Therapy At the end of each module there is a 10 question knowledge check so you can see how much you have learned. A certificate of completion is issued on attaining a 90% pass rate.

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