Key qualifications


  • How to do Online Counselling

  • Sure, I know how to talk to people 

  • Advanced Corporate Stress Management 

  • Advanced Diploma in Counselling & Psychotherapy​​

  • Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling - Level 4

  • Post Traumatic Stress Management​ - Level 4 Practitioner

  • Anger & Aggression Management - Level 4 Practitioner

  • Transactional Analysis in Relationships​ - Level 4 Practitioner

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy - Level 4 Practitioner

  • City & Guilds in Conflict Management 

My Story


Samantha J Hudson qualified as a PTSD Management Practitioner in 2012.  


She was formerly a Royal Military Police Officer in the British Army, a West Midlands Police Officer and an instructor within the Private Security Industry. 

During the course of her service she responded to traumatic incidents herself and encountered many victims. She found she was able to help the victims on their journey from the traumatic incident, often through a court process and then, with coming to terms with what had happened and gaining closure.


Her clients include those with trauma from terrorist attacks, theatres of war, rape, sexual assault, child abuse, violent assaults and road traffic collisions. She also has experience with clients who have issues with coercive control, stalking, homicide and suicide.


Working closely with Law Enforcement Officers, First Responders & Veterans from the UK, US & Canada she has established an excellent reputation for making her clients feel at ease which encourages them to talk about their traumatic experience and the changes they wish to make in their lives.


Provider of PTSD Therapy 


Phoenix Heroes Veterans Charity



Author & Training Provider of 

CPD Accredited Awareness Courses



Post Traumatic Stress Awareness for Law Enforcement Officers & First Responders

Suicide Awareness for Law Enforcement Officers & First Responders

Post Traumatic Stress Awareness for Veterans 

Suicide Awareness for Veterans​​​