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trauma counselling near me

When you have PTS dealing with the past can be hard. Instead of telling others how you feel, you may keep your feelings bottled up. But talking with a practitioner can help you get better.

After a traumatic event, you might blame yourself for things you couldn't have changed. For example, a veteran may feel guilty about decisions they had to make during a theatre of war, or a police officer may feel rage or survivor guilt about an incident.


Survivors of traumatic major incidents may feel hopelessness, helplessness or horror. Therapy helps you understand that the traumatic event you lived through was not your fault. During sessions I will help you understand and change how you think about your trauma and its aftermath.


Your goal is to understand how certain thoughts about your trauma cause you stress and make your symptoms worse. You will learn to identify thoughts about the world and yourself that are making you feel ill at ease . You will learn to replace these thoughts with more accurate and less distressing thoughts. You also learn ways to cope with feelings such as  grief, rage, guilt, sadness and fear. 

I will help you explore your feelings about the past. You'll have weekly 50 minute session for 6 to 12 weeks initially or as long as it takes for you to feel better.

Anything discussed during sessions is confidential.​

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