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I will start by taking a note of your presenting issues.  I may explore information I have received about you, such as a letter from your GP or Employee Assistance Programme. Then I will ask you to ‘tell your story’ and I will listen without judgement.​

Confidentiality and note-taking:


I will explain how I will protect your confidentiality and privacy. I will also tell you of any situations when I may be required to disclose information about you to the relevant authorities, for instance, if you are at risk to yourself or others. I am also required by law to break confidentiality if you are involved in any of the following:

  • Terrorism

  • Drug Trafficking

  • Sexual Exploitation

  • Money Laundering

During the first session, or at any time during your therapy, you can ask me anything you want to know about my qualifications and experience. You can also ask me about your therapy and question anything you don't understand. I will do my upmost to help you.

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