1 day bespoke CPD accredited courses


  • Suicide Awareness

  • Post Traumatic Stress Management 

 Key features:

  • full day

  • delivered face-to-face to a group of up to 15 participants

  • an experienced veteran trainer can deliver this course at a suitable venue of your choice.

  • accredited CPD 

What you’ll gain:

  • improved awareness of what is meant by trauma, and an understanding of the potential effects of this and how it can affect emergency services staff and personnel.

  • improved confidence in looking after self and others whilst working in the emergency services,  or witnessing, or being involved in traumatic situations.

  • enhanced listening skills and the confidence to use these with colleagues and team members who have experienced trauma or are experiencing PTSD.

  • increased knowledge of PTSD and how to approach a colleague who you feel may be experiencing this and signpost to support.

  • an understanding of what psycho-education is and how promoting this can support colleagues and team members who have experienced trauma or who are experiencing PTSD.

  • knowledge of signposting and how to do this is a sensitive and supportive way.

  • increased understanding of the importance of boundaries and confidence to communicate and maintain these, or seek advice if unable to do so.

  • increased confidence in managing own mental health and the importance of self-care


CPD carried out at your venue

Minimum 3 persons Max 15 

Call 07581 190101 or email samanthajhudson@icloud.com to enquire about costs 



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