" I found I could work well with Sam because, like me, she is a former soldier. As such she could understand military terminology and the typical life of a soldier. Sam also has a robust style which is unlike that of most therapists. Sam has a different style and I felt safe to express my views to her. With her help I worked through some very unpleasant childhood memories. Many of them returned spontaneously during our therapeutic sessions. Once the memories had returned, they ceased to have power. As a result, I gained confidence that meant that, at long last, I no longer felt I had my mother upon my shoulder criticising everything I did. In short, in the course of our treatment, I grew up from a youth of 16 to a mature man aged 65. Thank you Sam, for your help."

British Army Veteran October 2019


"I have known Samantha for over 35 years, she has spent all of her career paths as a commensurate professional, she is diligent and determined, enthusiastic to the core and has an ability to empathise with many communities due to her varied professions. Moreover what has inspired me to make this recommendation is that she had more recently taken these amazing traits to new heights.

Samantha committed herself a little while ago to a course of studying to open new doors - her levels of self discipline and motivation have provided her with the outcome as being a qualified Post Traumatic Stress Practitioner.

As an experienced practitioner she is now serving another community and fulfilling her role in life as an amazing guardian, I have benefitted personally from her experience and recommend her without equivocation! Thank you Samantha for all that you are doing to help others!"  

 Detective Sergeant,West Midlands Police

September 2019

"Through tears came laughter... I could never have coped without you. Your high professionalism allowed me to work through the trauma enabling me to rebuild the pieces of my shattered life in the aftermath of a serious and brutal attack. I am breaking the silence... life is glorious, live it without fear! Thank you Sam." 

 Female Trauma Client 

September 2019

“I am a Police Officer with nearly 20 years service who as a result of some horrific incidents at work on front line response ended up on long term sick with severe PTSD.  When I first started my sessions with Sam, I very much still felt in the grips of this awful disabling condition but with her help, support and wonderful open manner I felt able to safely talk about how I was feeling.  Her weekly sessions and training in PTSD awareness she provided gave me the tools I needed to overcome so many obstacles.  I cannot thank her enough for me now feeling the best I have done for a year and a half. Thank you Sam.”  

 Police Officer 

February 2019

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