Testimonial for Samantha J Hudson


I have served both in the military but mainly for 27 years as a Police Officer. In 1997 I was diagnosed with PTSD. In order to cope with this illness I threw myself into my work and was exposed to 10 major incidents which were traumatic in nature which lead to a final diagnosis of severe depression and complex PTSD in 2013. I eventually was medically discharged from the Police Service. My job was my passion, my calling; my vocation. I miss it a tremendous amount.


Since medical retirement; I have tried several therapists and courses to cope with my debilitating symptoms – some provided very short term relief but all were very short lived lasting only days. I continued to suffer with this condition daily. Nightmares, flashbacks, insomnia, crippling anxiety and panic attacks, hyper-vigilance, anger and guilt.  All textbook symptoms which impacted on both my life and the lives of my family. Lockdown and the coronavirus pandemic only added to the problem, my symptoms became extreme and I became even more mentally unwell. My GP and the clinical psychiatric increasing my already heavy amounts of medication. I seriously considered taking my own life as I simply couldn't live like this anymore.


I was at the lowest point in my life, rock bottom – I thought I had already been there just before my retirement, but this was yet another level.  I had no choice but to reach out for help once again which is when I found Sam, who was referred to me by a wonderful organisation in Canada the 911 Elite responders. 


I made contact with Sam and instantly felt that she was a person I could trust.  Sam has a warm, kind but realistic approach to PTSD and its treatment. I began treatment almost 12 weeks ago, being deeply cynical of some of the treatments I had received in the past. In all honesty I was fearful that this would happen again…..that yet again my family would ‘waste’ money on poor therapy………I couldn’t have been more wrong.


Sam’s background in the military and the Police made our sessions both meaningful and reassuring as there was an almost unspoken understanding of what it is like to wear both uniforms and after a while the symptoms began to subside and I began to feel like a human being again. I have realised that I am still on my journey but as a result of the treatment I have received so far, I found that I could be a proper husband and father to my four wonderful daughters – and that this has as much meaning as the life I led as a Police Officer, just in a different way.


I cannot recommend Samantha’s genuine care and concern for me enough as I presented with a severe timeline of lifelong trauma. The progress I have made is all down to Sam’s personable style and proven methods, which are supported by work done not only in the sessions but at home as well.


After a lifetime of suffering from this horrific condition at last I am 

beginning to see a future.  I am not yet finished with my treatment, and I will have PTSD for the rest of my life but through Sam’s help I can begin to manage my symptoms and smile again.


I commend Sam and her wonderful style and would say to anybody who is in a similar position to give her a call, you won’t regret it.

Royal Marine Corp & Police Officer

August 2020

"I could work well with Samantha because, like me, she is a former soldier.

As such she could understand military terminology

and the typical life of a soldier. Samantha also has a robust style which is unlike

that of most therapists, and I felt safe

to express my views to her.

With her help I worked through some very unpleasant childhood memories.

Many of them returned spontaneously during our therapeutic sessions.

Once the memories had returned, they ceased

to have power.

As a result, I gained confidence that meant that, at long last, I no longer felt I had my

mother upon my shoulder criticising everything I did. In short, in the course of our treatment,

I grew up from a youth of 16 to a mature man aged 65.

Thank you Samantha, for your help."

 British Army Veteran, Parachute Regiment

October 2019


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