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"I write this just approaching a month after completing my therapy sessions. What can I say with regards to Samantha, there are therapists and then there is Samantha!!! I’ve had counselling sessions before, but as a blue light responder non have really “got it” through no fault of their own. With Samantha from the initial contact call after putting the distress flair up, I was put at ease within minutes. When describing what my occupational role is, I heard the often familiar “Ah, you’re one of the knuckle draggers” this instantly put me at ease as I knew that this was someone that can relate to “The Job”. What followed was a roller coaster ride for over the next 12 weeks or so with some lows, but Samantha helped me to make sense of everything, often leaving on highs, this is unlike anything I had experienced before. As I learnt this is someone that “gets it” in relation to what blue light service personal deal with. Samantha initially said, “I’ll help you get your life back” and that’s just what she did, and for that I cannot thank her enough. Never before have I actually managed to self-reflect and laugh.Our last session, the pre-flight checks were completed and in preparation for launch I was waved off with the 21-gun salute. Approaching a month later, there has occasionally been a little turbulence but after I was shown the flight path, I remain climbing high.There is an irony in that as I write this “the job” occupational health has finally been in touch after an internal referral made at the same time I sent the destress flair up through No Duff that directed me to Samantha. You couldn’t make this up, but sadly if you're job, I can already see you thinking yep, I can relate to that!!What I would say is that beyond anything if you’re reading this and, in that position, your mental health matters…. you matter.Be brave, take the next step and click that button and make contact, I can guarantee you won’t regret it"

Operational Support Unit British Transport Police


When you have PTS dealing with the past can be hard. Instead of telling others how you feel, you may keep your feelings bottled up. But talking with a practitioner can help you get better.

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