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All about this course: Our Suicide Awareness course is suitable for anyone wanting a greater understanding of suicide and how to support someone who has experienced suicidal ideation or is the survivor of bereavement by suicide. You will consider that suicide ideation is a common condition caused by traumatic incidents that veterans experience in their careers. The course will also cover in detail the signs and symptoms of suicide ideation and survivor guilt. This course has been developed after 11 years of being a qualified counsellor and treating veterans, it is accredited by the CPDSO and gives 5.5 hours of accredited Continuing Professional Development. Module One: Veterans in Crisis Module Two: It's Time to Talk Module Three: Know the Signs & Symptoms of Suicide Ideation Module Four: Accessing Therapy At the end of each module there is a 10 question knowledge check so you can see how much you have learned. A certificate of completion is issued on attaining a 90% pass rate.

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